Mingjie Song

Office: Mackintoshi-Corry Hall

Room: D114

Phone: (613)533-6000 ext. 75050

Email: 12ms147@queensu.ca



I am a first-year PhD candidate in the Department of Geography. I received the bachelor’s degree in Geographical Science and the master’s degree in Land Resource Management from Central China Normal University in 2010 and 2013 respectively. I am especially interested in GIS applications, spatial analysis and LUCC. During the master’s period, my study focuses on the Jinghan Plain, an important region in the middle reach of the Yangtze River.



Song Mingjie, Wang Hongzhi, Shao Qihui, Luo Jing, Zhou yong. Accessibility of small towns and its relation with rural settlement landscape -A case study of 93 small towns in Jingzhou. Human Geography (in press) .


Wang Hongzhi, Shao Qihui, Li Rendong, Song Mingjie, Zhou Yong. 2013. Governmental policies drive the LUCC trajectories in the Jianghan Plain. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.


Wang Hongzhi, Song Mingjie, Li Rendong, et, al.2011. Study on spatial-temporal pattern and driving forces of construction land expansion in Jianghan Plain from 1996 to 2005. Resources and Environment in the Yangtze Basin,20(4):416-421.


WANG Hongzhi, SONG Mingjie, Xu Xinnian, et al.2010. Land use pattern diagnosis based on physical properties and vertical structures of anthrosols profiles, Proceeding of EME, 2010,(IASTED).

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