Graduate and Student Opportunties

Undergraduate students | at Queen's interested in GIS and remote sensing research opportunties are encouraged to contact me regarding:

  • Independent study (or special study) topics.
  • Summer research opportunties.
  • Work-study opportunities.
  • Research and thesis topics for GPHY 502 and GPHY 503.

Potential graduate students | (MS. and Ph.D) with GIS, remote sensing, and/or computing background interested to join our research group, please contact Prof. DongMei Chen. I am looking for students for the following graduate topics for Fall 2017 admission:

  • Multi-scale image feature extraction and change detection (Ph.D or MSc). The applicants should have strong background in remote sensing, image processing and classification, and are willing to learn programming (C, C++, C#, or Python).
  • Spatial and temporal dynamic modeling and simulation for infectious diseases (Ph.D only). The applicants should have strong GIS, spatial-temporal analysis, and computing program backgrounds.
  • The impact of land use and climate change on disease spreading (MSc only).
  • Sensitivity of spatial aberration detection algorithms in surveillance systems (MSc only).

Students interested | in other GIS, remote sensing applications and spatial analysis methods are welcome. They are encouraged to contact me early to prepare joing funding applications (such as NSERC, SSCHRC, CIHR graduate fellowships, OCE graduate fellowships). Before applying, please consider the following in advance:

  • Review the range of topics my research lab has covered, and make sure that you will feel comfortable to work with these research topics.
  • Send me ( with your initial email inquiry, an unofficial copy of your transcripts, a copy of your CV, and a statement of your research interests. I'll have an initial estimate on whether you will fit in my research program. After that, you will fill the application package officially on-line.
  • Please check Queen's graduate school for information on studying at Queen's, as well as what you can apply.
  • For the detailed info on application to Geography Department, please check graduate studies at
  • International students are required to pay higher tution fees. Due to the limited international tuition burseries our department has each year (usually one or two international student per year), the competition for international students is very high. International applicants should consider secure additional funding sources. For students from China, here are some potential fundings:

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